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n.1.One who undermines.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We paid a lot of attention to logos to ensure they wouldn't stretch, so even when Bob is fighting the Underminer and his chest is barrelling back and forth, his logo stays the same size.
The ordeal drew the family of five closer than ever - that was until someone called the Underminer declared "war on peace and happiness" (his fate will be revealed in due course).
It is 14 years since we first met the Parr family of superheroes and time has stood still as the new film begins where the other ended with the emergence of the underground menace, Underminer.
The tale begins with the Incredibles fighting the Underminer, whose humungous drilling machine threatens to destroy anything in its path.
THE MISSION: Elastigirl finds herself in some tight spots in The Underminer's tunnels but being super-stretchy helps her to safety.
Nelson), Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), teenager Violet (Sarah Vowell) and 10-year-old Dash (Huckleberry Milner) -- doing their bit to stop the Underminer's giant drill from destroying the city of Municiberg.
The original Incredibles had seemed tailor-made for a sequel, ending on a cliffhanger in which the Parrs, having vanquished a villain named Syndrome, prepare to do battle with a new baddie called the Underminer. As the years went on and no follow-up seemed to be on the horizon, many fans were perplexed.
John Ratzenberger voices the Underminer, a villain that briefly appeared at the end of The Incredibles but will be the main villain in the sequel.
powers, spring back into action to take on villains the Underminer