a.1.Taxed too little, or at a lower rate than others.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Lebanon is still an undertaxed economy, with a resource mobilization ratio of 19 percent, against 26 percent in developing countries and 36 percent in advanced countries.
The tax on base eroding payments is divided into an "undertaxed payments" rule and a "subject to tax" rule.
The billionaire investor said during the interview, "The wealthy are definitely undertaxed relative to the general population."
"The wealthy are definitely undertaxed in relation to the general population," Buffett said.
Oxfam said governments needed to do more to fund high-quality, universal public services through tackling tax dodging and ensuring fairer taxation, including on corporations and the richest individuals' wealth, which it said were often undertaxed.
It claimed housing is currently "undertaxed" relative to other assets, distorting investment behaviour and contributing to wealth inequality between those who own a home and those who do not.
The think tank claimed housing is "undertaxed" relative to other assets.
The think-tank claimed housing is "undertaxed", relative to other assets.
(67) He again tied The Washington Post to Bezos and then to Amazon, alleging that the company was undertaxed and violating antitrust laws: "He thinks I would go after him for antitrust.
EU governments agree that tax rules should be changed to raise levies on digital services that are currently undertaxed, but are at odds on the process to reach this goal.