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 (ŭn-dēn′, ŭn′dēn′)
In the occult philosophy of Paracelsus, a being having water as its element.

[New Latin undīna, from Latin unda, wave; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Classical Myth & Legend) any of various female water spirits
[C17: from New Latin undina, from Latin unda a wave]
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(ʌnˈdin, ˈʌn din)

(orig. in the writings of Paracelsus) any of a group of elemental beings, female and mortal, but soulless, that live in water. Compare sylph (def. 2).
[< New Latin undīna < Latin und(a) wave, water]
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according to Paracelsus, a water nymph or spirit, female in form and lacking a soul until married to a mortal and mother of his child.
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Noun1.undine - any of various female water spiritsundine - any of various female water spirits
water spirit, water sprite, water nymph - a fairy that inhabits water
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He also owns a 45ft, 50-year-old yacht called Undina, spent six months sailing to St Petersburg, and once admitted that his idea of real peace is lying on a river bank in summer with a sprig of grass in his mouth.
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