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v. t.1.To misdirect; to mislead.
who make false fires to undirect seamen in a tempest.
- Fuller.
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Let G = (V, E, A) be a weighted undirected graph of order N which consists of a node set V = {[v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], ..., [v.sub.N]}, an undirect edges set E [subset or equal to] V x V, and a weighted adjacency matrix A = [([a.sub.ij]).sub.NxN] [member of] [R.sup.N x N] with [a.sub.ii] = 0 and nonnegative elements.
The Laplacian matrix L of an undirected network is symmetric and positive semi-definite.
By synthetically using the Lipschitz conditions, the variable structure technique [6], the feedback linearization technique [22], and the Lyapunov theory, all three control algorithms for consensus tracking under the undirect or the tree shaped communication topology are effectively designed.
The undirect graph G with one additional vertex representing a leader is used to model the leader-follower communication topologies in this paper.
In the problem of nonlinear consensus tracking, a kind of communication topology of N follower agents is modeled as an undirected graph G = {V, E, A}, where V = {1, 2, ..., i, ..., N} is a set of N integers, with the number i which means the ith vertex representing the ith agent, and E [subset] V x V is an edge set in which each edge is denoted by a pair of vertices (i, j).
The communication topology of these N followers is modeled as an undirected graph G = {V, E, A}.
The undirected graph G which models the network topology of N followers is connected and atleast one follower is informed about the state of the leader.
In the First Five Year Development Plan, which became operational in 1963, an undirect approach to urban problems was adopted through the policies of regional planning, rural planning and development, immigration control, prevention of inequal development among different regions while, direct interventions and policies to urban problems are neglected.
In calculations some presumptios and undirect analytical methods were used also.
The interconnection topology of n followers can be conveniently described by a undirected graph G = (V, E, A) of order n, where V = {[v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], ..., [v.sub.n]} is the set of n nodes, E [subset or equal to] V x V is the set of edges, and A = [[a.sub.ij]] is a weighted adjacency matrix.