v. t.1.To remove the dullness of; to clear.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Tulliver was an amiable fish of this kind, and after running her head against the same resisting medium for thirteen years would go at it again to-day with undulled alacrity.
The tall blond man of forty is not much changed in feature from the Godfrey Cass of six-and-twenty: he is only fuller in flesh, and has only lost the indefinable look of youth-- a loss which is marked even when the eye is undulled and the wrinkles are not yet come.
Just then a gust of wind delivers him a very undull pair of red and white spotted knickers, straight from the farmer's clothes line.
While Town are battling without injured quartet Aaron Mooy, Danny Williams, Tommy Smith and Abdelhamid Sabiri as they tackle Southampton ahead of Christmas and the January transfer window, Wagner's faith in the club remains undulled.
"La-La Land": Buffett is currently the oldest chief executive of a Fortune 500 company, and though his characteristic wit remains apparently undulled, he has encouraged investors to keep him honest.
One wonders if urban dwellers at the turn of the century with crowded streets filled with street hawkers, paper vendors, bustling crowds, horses in harness, dung in the streets, and unregulated factory growth with acrid smoke and smog might have presented the pure palate of undulled sensation that she imagines.
To see Zico play, his skills undulled by familiarity, was a pleasure that would never be repeated.
The sense of joy in him rises infinitely beyond mere social merriment; it is complex, and has a spiritual element which is undulled perception of natural beauty" (Shackford 591).
Men like Flintoff can smell glory and he sensed it now with an instinct still undulled. He moved around the onside towards midwicket so that he could gather the ball with his right hand.
"What can I tell you?" he says, suddenly switching from Hebrew into a sharp South African English undulled by lack of use.
So I made it my mission to return one lunchtime when my sensory perception was undulled by alcohol, this time taking three friends with me.