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Critics however remained unconvinced by Scolari's unelegant style and rough tactics.
* Adapt the equation solver; since that was too laborous, the program has been adapted in an unelegant way.
I said, 'Please let me take my shoes off, I feel so unelegant'."
The computation of the Hessian matrix is now straightforward using formulas (3.3), (4.5) and (4.6), but the computations become very unelegant and we only give the final result (a computer algebra package such as Maple comes in handy at this point).
The rough-edged raggedness (feet relaxed, knees passively stretched) of Joy Kellman's limb-flung style is refreshingly unelegant. The rambunctious omnigender lifting, one-handed flips, and tumbling of her postmodern lexicon keep the action and energy levels high.