Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Whereas many men, by accident unevitable, become unable to maintain themselves by their labour; they ought not to be left to the Charity of private persons; but to be provided for, (as far-forth as the necessities of Nature require,) by the Lawes of the Common-wealth.
But PSG confiscated the ball and the equaliser seemed unevitable. It came in the 12th minute, when Bernat latched onto a Mbappe cross to restore parity.
It was unevitable. As soon as the plaudits stopping ringing in Liverpool number one Alisson's ears following a great save on Tuesday night, the clanger duly came.
Although XLPE cables, used in medium and high voltage applications have good dielectric properties, aeging phenomenon after a curtain service period is unevitable. Among several factors, which effect the ageing phenomenon, water treeing is very crucial in defining the insulation capability and service life of a cable [2], [3].
Eileen Robinson outside local-history bookshop, Liverpool Connection, where she has been for 12 years; Project director Julie Ehlen and Charlotte Myhrum, deputy project director in the courtyard; Olwen McLaughlin, Editions Ltd proprietor, has accepted the unevitable and will move to Cook Street after 17 years at Bluecoat; The 18th-century Bluecoat Chambers courtyard entrance, right , will remain unchanged, although refurbished, but the proposed big extension (architect's model, above ) will greatly change the Bluecoat Arts Centre
Yaqub's concern in this regard is genuine as he points out that resort to dishonouring of government cheques by the State Bank to fulfil its legal obligation should be recognized as an unevitable step to enforce the rule of law relating to financial matters.