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v. t.1.To deprive of feathers; to strip.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He decided to unfeather the starboard inner and promptly pressed the wrong button!
As John Florio renders it, 'I will love him that shall trace, or unfeather me'.
Also, the propeller did not unfeather when maintenance tried to restart the engine.
The arm was wrong because it did not hold symmetrically with the action of the other arm but smeared along lagging behind while surely originally I had moved my arms together while turning on the turntable before the turning camera recording my slow action of deep intake of breath opening the hinges of my shoulders, arms moving back unfeathered but remembering.
I read somewhere that if you cross a feathered shank with an unfeathered shank, all the shanks of the F1 generation will be feathered.
(13) Birds absorb cholecalciferol via dietary sources or synthesize cholecalciferol in unfeathered skin in an isomerization reaction catalyzed by UV light.
If unfeathered, the chick has fallen, and its outlook is not good, but that - I'm afraid - is how nature works.
The cutaneous form is usually mild and characterized by multifocal cutaneous lesions on unfeathered areas of the skin.
Lesions may be produced on unfeathered positions of leg or occasionally on skin of comb and wattles.
We conducted a slow flight-and-controllability check to see how the unfeathered blade would affect our approach and landing.
Males also possess a circular unfeathered neck patch that can be inflated and displayed during courtship.
Since the introduction of the new, eightbladed prop system in 2004, unfeathered propellers have been involved in two major mishaps and have been the subject of several community hazreps.