Ungava Bay

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Un·ga·va Bay

 (ŭn-gā′və, -gä′-)
An inlet of Hudson Strait in northeast Quebec, Canada, between northern Labrador and Ungava Peninsula, which is bordered on the west by Hudson Bay.
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Unga′va Bay′

an inlet of the Hudson Strait in NE Quebec province, in E Canada, between Ungava Peninsula and N Labrador.
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A more natural change has occurred in the Bay of Fundy, where today's world record tides (albeit challenged by observations in Ungava Bay, at least keeping this an internal Canadian dispute!) have built up over several thousand years as mean sea level has risen.
James Peck travelled overland from the eastern coast of James Bay north to Kuujjuaq on Ungava Bay. Now, 127 years later, Lizzie York with three other Inuit was flying south from Kuujjuaq, to minister the gospel her ancestors had received from Mr.
Life in the north is much different than urban life, said Jean Dupuis, the chairman of the Kativik Regional Government, which has it's headquarters in Kuujjuaq at the southern tip of Ungava Bay.
In this paper we present the nesting phenology and breeding biology of Atlantic population Canada Geese on their tundra nesting grounds in Nunavik, Quebec, specifically on a primary study area (32.8 [km.sup.2]) along Hudson Bay (1997-2003) and on several secondary sites (most smaller than 1 [km.sup.2]) distributed along the coastal lowlands of Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay (1996-2005).
By virtue of its location, moreover, the village also made a convenient starting point for sledding up the coast or overland to Ungava Bay. As it happened, Sapir's budget could support only a six-month trip.
Our objectives were thus to identify the molting and wintering areas of birds breeding in Ungava Bay and to compare their home-range sizes during the pre-molt, molt, post-molt, and winter periods.
Ives and his students, for example, used isobases (lines joining points of equal postglacial uplift) as one means of determining the post-glacial evolution of the huge Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, from the Atlantic to Hudson Bay, from Ungava Bay to the St.
Molting, Staging, and Wintering Locations of Common Eiders Breeding in the Gyrfalcon Archipelago, Ungava Bay.
In spring, the ice typically clears from north to south, with Ungava Bay clearing last.
When Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory were acquired and amalgamated to form the Northwest Territories within the Dominion of Canada, the islands of Ungava Bay, Hudson Bay, and James Bay were included within the new territorial boundaries (Fig.
For management in this area, the most important are the Eastern Hudson Bay (EHB), the Ungava Bay (UB), and the Western Hudson Bay (WHB) populations.
More recent data indicate that two groups of northern Quebec communities, one centered on Ivujivik and one in Ungava Bay (Fig.