n.1.Ill luck; misfortune.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The participating news agencies in OANA's Executive Council meeting are: Azerbaijan News Agency (AZERTAK), Turkish News Agency (ANADOLU), Malaysian News Agency (BERNAMA), Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Iranian News Agency (IRNA), Japanese News Agency (KYODO), Mehr News Agency ( MNA ), Mongolia News Agency (MONTSAME), National News Agency (NNA), Russian News Agency (TASS), Korean News Agency (UNHAP), Chinese News Agency (XINHUA), PNN Report((UNHAP).
I thought I would rather be a happy and unsuccessful novelist than being an unhappy, successful NHS worker - not that I was desperately unhap" His idea for the story began when he read a magazine obituary for Henry Molaison, who died in December 2008 at the age of 82, having been unable to form any new memories following an operation when just 27 years old.
If Deila gives the Scot then od, If Deila gives the Scot then od, Zaluska is going to be unhap py Zaluska is going to be unhap py and while his reaction would be and while his reaction would be understandable, it's a harsh fact of understandable, it's a harsh fact of football that you don't alway s get football that you don't alway s get what you want.
and 5ive relic Ritchie Neville sighed: "There's serious unhap piness here to the point that people are cracking up." And that's just the viewers.
Civic solidarity is consistent with the work ethics of the guilds: "when a guild brother.., fell into poverty or could not work, or went blind, or lost his goods 'by the unhap of the world; "his fellows supported him until the end of his days.
In the process of assuming the burden of responsibility for his failing, Gawain rejects the strategies for domesticating temporalization established by non-marvellous modes of narration; these strategies can only hide ("hyden") the temporal fracture, not undo ("unhap") it.
And I mot nodes hit were wyle I may last; For mon may hyden his harme bot unhap ne may hit, For ther hit ones is tachched twynne wil hit never.' The kyng comfortes the knight, and alle the court als Laghen loude therat and luflyly acorden That lordes and ladis that longed to the Table, Uche burne of the brotherhede, a bauderyk shulde have, A bende abelef hym aboute, of a bright grene, And that, for sake of that segge, in suete to were.
This unhap py result is surprisingly common even after millions have been spent on software and technology support for finance.