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v. t.1.To deprive of the helmet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the stranger's third encounter with Sir Philip Malvoisin, he was equally successful; striking that baron so forcibly on the casque, that the laces of the helmet broke, and Malvoisin, only saved from falling by being unhelmeted, was declared vanquished like his companions.
a happily delivered blow which unhelmeted the Parthian, was received
Cervical spine injuries were seen in 15.4 percent of unhelmeted riders versus 7.4 percent of helmeted riders (P < 0.001), with an adjusted odds ratio of 2.3 (P = 0.0005).
unhelmeted riders) with respect to other types of cervical spine injuries that were sustained: nerve root injury, cervical strain, or cord contusion.
A rule that autonomous vehicles should always strike a helmeted motorcyclist over an unhelmeted motorcyclist would lead to less happiness: it would incentivize motorcyclists not to wear helmets because an autonomous vehicle would be programmed to avoid striking them.
"We've got kids driving through the streets, unhelmeted and with no safety equipment, just to get here.
There are millions more people in cars than on motorcycles in Oregon - and the potential burden to society of medical care for drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts is far greater than that of unhelmeted motorcyclists.
Just half a mile out, the ominously named filly Sayonara lost her footing while leading her closely pursuing eight rivals, crashed to the turf, and pitched Scobie's unhelmeted head into the metal upright that supported the rails.