v. t.1.To bring out from concealment; to discover.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With it, users will be able to hide and unhide replies to their original tweet.
For now, users may use other options regarding News Feed posts such as 'See First', 'Unhide', 'Unfollow' and 'Snooze'.
Hidden Files - Displays any hidden files on your device so you can unhide, archive, rename or delete them.
Also add Unhide Columns, which shows a checklist for each field; Refresh All, which can show changes made by other users and processes; Totals, which adds a row below the data in which you can choose to display the sum, average, count, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, or variance for each field; Freeze, which works like the Freeze Panes command in Excel and "freezes" columns when you scroll; and Unfreeze, which does the opposite.
this case however the attackers took the extra step to actually hide and unhide
Next, select the entire workbook area by clicking the gray (or green) triangle icon located in the upper left corner of the row and column headings area (as circled on the previous page), and then from the Home tab's Cells group, select Format, Hide & Unhide, Unhide Columns, as pictured below.
Unprotected Sex with Injecting Drug Users among Iranian Female Sex Workers: Unhide HIV Risk Study.
This step is crucial because it will protect the application from allowing just anyone to unhide hidden folders.
2) what the Atonement does not end it, intercourse during the day in Ramadan and intercourse in Ihram, and these sins are limited and replaced by the corruption of Siam, or the corruption of Ihram, or reneged on the right, or in intercourse with menstruation or unhide.