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adv.1.In a uniaxial manner.
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The powder samples were uniaxially pressed at a pressure of 20 MPa to make pallets of 12 mm diameter and 1.5 mm thickness.
The shape memory behavior was characterized by measuring the initial gauge length ([L.sub.1]), the gauge length after heating to 65[degrees]C and uniaxially stretching ([L.sub.2]), the gauge length of the fixed shape after cooling to 5[degrees]C and releasing the tensile force ([L.sub.3]), and the gauge length after reheating the sample to 65[degrees]C and allowing the sample to recover.
The film is, then, uniaxially drawn to 1.1 to 10 draw ratios and heated below the melting point of the polylactic acid layers.
For uniaxially drawing process, the twisted electrospun yarns were drawn to different extension ratios of 50% and 100% at a constant rate of 1 cm/min at room temperature.
STMs are made up of elements loaded uniaxially in tension (referred to as ties) or compression (referred to as struts).
The green density of the uniaxially pressed compacts was 62.6%, and that of the CIP compacts with uniaxial pressing was 64.9%.
Estane polymer samples were stretched uniaxially at [[theta].sub.high] = 70[degrees]C during programming from the initially nonstretched extension [[epsilon].sub.0] = 0% to the maximum strain of [[epsilon].sub.m] = 30% and held at this temperature for different holding times in the range of 6-6000 s.
To produce the pellets, the powder was mixed to a drop of a binder solution of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, 0.1 g x [ml.sup.-1]) and uniaxially pressed under 15 MPa into samples of 6 mm of diameter and ~ 1.2 mm thick.
The device was then stretched uniaxially at strain rates of [epsilon] = 0.10 and [epsilon] = 0.15 and the transmittance tabulated accordingly (see Table 1).
fabricated uniaxially aligned electrospun nanofiber nonwovens from cotton cellulose in which cellulose nanocomposites (CNCs) were added to strengthen the scaffold and incorporation of CNCs into the spinning dope resulted in more uniform morphology of the electrospun cellulose/CNCs nano composite nanofibers (ECCnN) this scaffold elucidated from MTT (3-(4, 5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2, 5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) tests and showed nontoxic to human cells.