unidentified flying object

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un·i·den·ti·fied flying object

1. A flying or apparently flying object of an unknown nature, especially one suspected to have been sent by extraterrestrial beings.
2. A flying saucer.


(ˈyuˈɛfˈoʊ; sometimes ˈyu foʊ)

n., pl. UFOs, UFO's.
unidentified flying object: any unexplained moving object observed in the sky, esp. one assumed to be of extraterrestrial origin.
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Noun1.unidentified flying object - an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknownunidentified flying object - an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins
fantasm, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, shadow, apparition - something existing in perception only; "a ghostly apparition at midnight"
neidentifikovatelný létající předmětnezjištěný létající předmětUFO
Uidentificeret Flyvende Objekt
UFOunbekanntes Flugobjektunidentifiziertes Flugobjekt
ne-identifita flug-objektoNIFO
tunnistamaton lentävä esineUFO
objet volant non-identifiéOVNI
FFHfljúgandi furðuhluturfljúgandi furîuhlutur
Oidentifierat flygande föremålOidentifierat flygande objektUFO
đĩa baytàu bay chưa nhận biết

unidentified flying object

noggetto volante non identificato


(anaiˈdentifaid) adjective
not identified. an unidentified victim.
unidentified flying object (often abbreviated to UFO (juːefˈou) (ˈjuːfou) )
an object from outer space, eg a flying saucer.
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In a statement, America's Department of Defense said a secret government initiative called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP ) "did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena".
The U.S defense establishment, Pentagon, has admitted that it has been studying the existence of UFOs and other generalized UAP or unidentified aerial phenomena for long.
The Irish phenomenon - and, remember, this is a country where Jesus's face appears with surprising regularity on food items such as biscuits and pizza - follows the release of a bombshell, declassified dossier, The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena report.