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Noun1.Uma - a benevolent aspect of DeviUma - a benevolent aspect of Devi; `splendor'
2.Uma - fringe-toed lizardUma - fringe-toed lizard      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
fringe-toed lizard, Uma notata - with long pointed scales around toes; of deserts of United States and Mexico
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Adhesion Wealth[R] enables advisors to easily provide separately managed account (SMA) and unified managed account (UMA) portfolios to investors.
Unified managed account maintenance, new account opening and back office services will come from Orion.
Unified managed account programs have doubled their marketshare since 2008, according to Cerulli Associates.
Launched in July of 2009 and dubbed Select Retirement, the fixed income annuity is an addition to Nationwide's Select Unified Managed Account program.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 24, 2018-InvestEdge releases new unified managed account solution
Global Banking News-September 24, 2018-InvestEdge releases new unified managed account solution
How is Morgan Stanley's Unified Managed Account business doing?
New York: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has launched an innovative portfolio management and trading application called UMAX, which enables financial advisors to manage client accounts across models within the Select Unified Managed Account (UMA) program.

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