Uniform velocity

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velocity in which the same number of units of space are described in each successive unit of time.

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Our mental existences, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are passing along the Time-Dimension with a uniform velocity from the cradle to the grave.
The results of this study would suggest that the equivalent of a sheared flow is a uniform velocity at a height of approximately 40% of the vehicle height.
Finally, in general, the return airflow at the inlet of AHUs has a uniform velocity distribution profile and supply airflow, and the outlet of AHUs has a more disrupted velocity (nonuniform) profile.
1, where the electron propagates upward at a uniform velocity v along the Ray.
It is desired to have a uniform velocity distribution for better jet quality, as represented by the reference nozzle.
Mass flow also provides a more uniform velocity profile, which reduces the effects of sifting segregation.
Our starting point is the uniform velocity model from the weather community (Doviak and Zrnic 1993), which assumes that target velocity varies only with elevation, so it is constant within a given elevation range.
This uniform velocity profile is significantly different than the typical atmosphere boundary layer (ABL) profile, which theoretically takes a power law based shape.
In a metamaterial with fishnet structure [14] we consider the charge particle (charge q) moving with a uniform velocity parallel to x direction: [v.
Balancing the distribution of flow through a die to achieve a uniform velocity distribution across the die exit is one of the most difficult tasks of extrusion die design.
Each simulation was started from an initial condition with a uniform velocity of 68 m/s parallel to the channel.

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