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1. Not anticipated: We experienced some unanticipated problems.
2. Not having been expected; unexpected: unanticipated guests. See Usage Note at anticipate.

un′an·tic′i·pat′ed·ly adv.


not anticipated; unforeseen
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Adj.1.unanticipated - not anticipatedunanticipated - not anticipated; "unanticipated and disconcerting lines of development"- H.W.Glidden; "unforeseen circumstances"; "a virtue unlooked-for in people so full of energy"; "like a bolt out of the blue"
unexpected - not expected or anticipated; "unexpected guests"; "unexpected news"
References in classic literature ?
But she hesitated to beg that he would keep entire silence on a subject which she had herself unnecessarily mentioned, not being used to stoop in that way; and while she was hesitating there was already a rush of unintended consequences under the apple-tree where the tea-things stood.
One of the many unintended consequences of Brexit is for the British party political system to implode and disintegrate.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, on the company's YouTube Creator Blog, warned of unintended consequences of EU's Article 13 and says YouTube may have to block videos in the EU to avoid liability under the new directive.
The National Governments populist, knee-jerk law will do very little to protect young people from online bullying but is having unintended consequences and doing damage to our basic rights and freedoms.
Unintended Consequences in Transitional Justice: Social Recovery at the Local Level
Peter Gowers told the Press Association that a string of costs facing businesses could result in "unintended consequences".
PLANS to introduce a minimum unit price on alcohol in Wales could have unintended consequences and drive heavy drinkers towards illegal substances, an Assembly report has claimed.
"We have some concerns about unintended consequences, including the possibility of driving heavy drinkers towards other behaviours which negatively affect their health, including diverting money away from food in order to purchase alcohol or substituting alcohol for unregulated, illegal substances.
Even so, 'Unintended Consequences,' edited by PIDS scholars Vicente Paqueo, Aniceto Orbeta and PIDS president Gilbert Llanto, implicitly takes it for granted that good intentions underlie the policies featured in the volume.
The phrase, "unintended consequences" has surfaced more frequently in recent times.
Obama and the intelligence community are warning that the law could pose unintended consequences, including upending the "1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which supports the doctrine that the courts of one country do not sit in judgment of another government or actions within its borders," reports Joe Gould for Defense News.
Genworth chief executive, Ellie Comerford, says there could be 'unintended consequences' if major banks don't receive capital relief for using mortgage insurance.