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a.1.Of, pertaining to, or seated in, one eye; monocular.
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Although isolated to a single case report, uniocular, florid, retinal haemorrhages in addition to macular oedema were observed in a 31-year-old patient with RRMS and no other medical co-morbidities four weeks after commencing fingolimod.
The first study is a single uniocular subretinal infusion of MA09-hRPE cells in 1 of 4 dose levels NCT01345006).
Limbal stem cell transplantation with amniotic membrane for the treatment of uniocular chemical burn in children.
Postoperative complications and visual results in uniocular pediatric traumatic cataract.
NEW ORLEANS -- Uniocular ovarian cysts are fairly common but rarely malignant in postmenopausal women, and most can safely be followed conservatively with serial ultrasounds.
Ueland said he believes that CA-125 testing and Doppler imaging are necessary in all patients with ovarian abnormalities--including uniocular cysts--detected on transvaginal ultrasound.
However, it is important to highlight to patients that they will not be suitable for registration if their sight loss is uniocular.
3) is found to occur when the developing functional and anatomic organisation of the visual system is influenced markedly by visual experiences, which are both uniocular and or binocular.
Patients having IOP more than 21 mm of Hg, having any ocular media opacity (Corneal opacity, Mature/hyper mature cataracts, Vitreous hemorrhage), suffering from post-traumatic glaucoma or uniocular glaucoma were not included in the study.