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Noun1.Union Army - the northern army during the American Civil WarUnion Army - the northern army during the American Civil War
army, ground forces, regular army - a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
blue - any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are blue; "the Union army was a vast blue"
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O'Neill (1839-1878), a veteran of the Union Army's 5th Indiana Cavalry, who invaded Canada with the Irish Fenian Brotherhood in 1866 in an effort to free Ireland from British rule.
The Union Army (also known as the Federal Army or Northern Army) was just a few miles from Richmond, Virginia (capital of the Confederate States of America for most of the Civil War).
Galvin, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
From Henry Burden, who invented a horseshoe- making machine that could craft a horseshoe every second and supplied the Union army with 70 million horseshoes over the course of four years, to John Deere's plows that aided the Union's harvests, to Jay Cooke's skillful marketing of government bonds, these visionaries and businessmen helped shape history with their masterful mental mettle.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], Nov 10 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Friday termed his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron's proposal to build a European Union Army as "very insulting".
Initially established as a Union Army supply depot and hospital, Camp Nelson, located in Jessamine County, Kentucky, was a key site of emancipation for African American soldiers and a refugee camp for their families during the Civil War.
1863 - Battle of Chancellorsville ends-Beaten Union army withdraws
By the late 1863, it was apparent the armies of North (Union army) had defeated the Southern forces.
Synopsis: In 1862, two years into the American Civil War, a massive Union army is the process of invading the verdant peninsula of Virginia to take Richmond and end the conflict that has torn the nation apart.
In Season 2, episode 4 of "Legends of Tomorrow," the team responds to a time aberration in 1863 only to find themselves in the middle of Civil War between the Union Army and zombie Confederate soldiers.
The Union Army, also called Federal Army, must be under the defense ministry, and defense minister must be a civilian.
After the war, a Union army employee took the telegrams and code books home to New Jersey, where they sat for nearly a century and a half before being discovered in a wooden trunk in 2008.

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