Union joint

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(Mech.) A joint formed by means of a union.
A piece of pipe made in the form of the letter T.

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National Education Union joint general secretary Kevin Courtney said: "Funding pressures on schools are already leading to the laying off of support staff, less equipment, secondary schools cutting subjects."
The political, economic and social challenges were at the centre of the third meeting of the Tunisia-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee held on Tuesday at the HPR.
His remark was made during a press conference following a meeting with the visiting delegation of the European Union Joint Forces Command in Riyadh Monday.
Members of Parliament for Mochudi West Mr Gilbert Mangole and Mr Edwin Batshu for Nkange are in Brussels, Belgium for the 50th Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly (ACPPA) and 35th Session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA).
University Trade Union Joint Committee (UTUJC) said on Wednesday it received the circular granting of ten percent salary increment as requested and therefore will report to duty from April 17 after the New Year festival.
According to the final statement of the meeting of the Committee held over two days in Brussels and included Defense Ministers of a number of Member States of the European Union represented by a regular military permanent representatives, along with partner countries "that the European military leaders discussed the strategy of the Union joint defense, naval operations, training and advisory missions and cooperation with North Atlantic (NATO ).
The meeting precedes the seventh Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union joint annual meetings of the Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- President Abdullah GE-l received a delegation of the Turkey-European Union Joint Advisory Committee at the Ecankaya Presidential Palace.
Al- Fashir Aug 28th (SUNA)- At the conclusion of consultations between United Nations and African Union Joint Chief Mediator and the Special Representative of (UNAMID) Dr.
Bill Dhieu, the embattled students' financial chief in Uganda, is alleged to have forged signature for David Lam, the Union Secretary General in order to gain access to the union joint account.
A local TV channel in Guwahati even quoted Union joint home secretary ( North- East) Shambhu Singh as claiming that Ajmal, who is a Lok Sabha MP from Dhubri, was behind the violence on August 11 in Mumbai.
In the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the 9th Meeting of the Republic of Macedonia-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee, attended by MPs of the Delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and MEPs of the Delegation of the European Parliament, took place on 3 and 4 November.
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