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Noun1.Union soldier - a member of the Union Army during the American Civil WarUnion soldier - a member of the Union Army during the American Civil War
Yank, Yankee, Northerner - an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)
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One must wonder whether the typical Union soldier was as thoughtful as the men cited in Lang's book.
For Whitman this Union soldier is the representative of America.
An injured Union soldier takes refuge and sheltered young women tend to his wounds.
As the wounded Union soldier Corporal John McBurney, he's offered temporary sanctuary in a Confederacy-supporting ladies' seminary.
The Beguiled , starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, centers on a Union soldier who finds himself in an all-girls school sympathetic to the Confederacy.
Mogadishu, Jumada I 25, 1437, Mar 5, 2016, SPA -- At least three people - two civilians and one African Union soldier - were killed and six wounded Saturday in a series of explosions in Somalia, police and local witnesses told dpa.
The director's latest movie, The Hateful Eight, is set a few years after the American Civil War and puts the spotlight on strained race relations as a black Union soldier (Samuel L Jackson's Major Marquis Warren) is thrown together with former Confederate soldiers - Walton Goggins as a South Carolinian sheriff and Bruce Dern as a General.
THE BEGUILED ITV 11.30PM Wounded Union soldier Clint Eastwood is tended by repressed females at a Confederate school for young ladies.
When she finds a severely wounded Union soldier deep in the woods, she's drawn to him.
Anderson, who acquired the weapon after Hinson's death and had discussed the markings on the rifle as evidence of his Union soldier kills.
Futurity--which tells the story of a Union soldier who teams up with famed mathematician Ada Lovelace (the real lite daughter of Lord Byron) to create a steam-powered artificial intelligence--began its life as composer/lyricist and Lisps front man Cesar Alvarez's graduate school thesis, designed specifically to freak out his professors.
Built in 1913, with shelf space for 1,000 books, the library served the needs of Allensworth, a town founded by ex-slave, former Union soldier, and Baptist minister Allen Allensworth and other blacks who desired to live in a place free of discrimination.

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