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Noun1.Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwideUnionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwide  
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Unio, Unio - type genus of the family Unionidae
Anodonta, genus Anodonta - thin-shelled freshwater mussels
Dreissena, genus Dreissena - zebra mussels
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Declines in native unionid mussel populations following invasion of a water body by dreissenids are well-documented (Schloesser and Masteller, 1999; Burlakova et al., 2000; Harman, 2000; Martel et al., 2001; Hart et al., 2002).
It is estimated 65% of unionid mussel species (Haag and Williams, 2014) and 64% of freshwater gastropod species (Johnson et al., 2013) have some level of imperilment.
Bioaccumulation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the unionid mussel Lasmigona costata in a river receiving wastewater effluent.
rostriformis bugensis) mussels, were observed on rocks and other debris, and covered the exposed surface of the one live unionid mussel found at site 21.
Size characteristic of the Unionid mussel species Pygandon grandis and Lampsilis siliquoidea at three sites on the Sheyenne River were examined to determine the effect of species richness and density on mussel population size.
Endoscopic visualization of the functional morphology of the ctenidia of the unionid mussel Pyganodon cataracta.
Unionid mussel distribution, numbers, and species were examined in the Grand River to provide a recent and comprehensive study of mussels from northeast Ohio's longest river.
Investigating the genetic variation and structure of a native unionid mussel in the Laurentian Great Lakes following an invasion of dreissenid mussels.
Unionid mussel fauna of the Apple River above Hanover, Illinois.
A list of unionid mussel species recorded from Pigeon Creek at three collecting sites.