n.1.The quality or state of being unique; uniqueness.
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McInerny, Ralph "Mammon and Uniquity" <http//:thecatholicthing.org/columns/2008/mammon-and- uniquity.html>
For a scorching estimate of recent salaries shelled out to Notre Dame football coaches, see the late Ralph McInerny's "Mammon and Uniquity." This exemplar of Notre Dame's older kind of excellence was no less critical of its faculty than its coaches.
For instance, the focus on "mechanistic embryology" links the book's introductory discussions about modern constructions of identity to early modern anxieties about the uniquity of humanity: "the more man in his physiology resembles a machine or the product of a machine ...
Both the selection and Dunbar-Nelson's remarks make it possible for Cullen himself to take the high road, ignoring the dialect poems and paying tribute instead to what he called Dunbar's "uniquity" as "the first Negro to attain to and maintain a distinct place among American poets" and to call him "the pivotal poet of this volume" (viii-ix; emphasis ours).
(77) Each circuit of repetition is unique since repetition, the making of / always anew, amounts to the impossibility of repeating the signifying uniquity of the first /, the unpresentation of the part-object.
Given the widespread interest in the "narrative construction of reality" and the uniquity as well as importance of narratives in contemporary media cultures, there is certainly every reason to share Fludernik's "measured optimista" ("Narralology" 757) about narratology's continued survival.
Why dost thou show me uniquity and cause me to behold grievance?"
I'd like to coin a word, if I may: uniquity. This refers to the concept that some speech is so uniquely evil, so iniquitous, that the normal rules no longer apply--including the First Amendment.
As Countee Cullen claimed in the introduction to the 1926 anthology of black poetry Caroling Dusk, black and white readers assigned (and long continued to assign) to Dunbar a "uniquity as the first Negro to attain and to maintain a distinguished place among American poets, a place fairly merited by the most acceptable standards of criticism" (x-xi).
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