n.1.The quality or state of being unique; uniqueness.
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For a scorching estimate of recent salaries shelled out to Notre Dame football coaches, see the late Ralph McInerny's "Mammon and Uniquity.
For instance, the focus on "mechanistic embryology" links the book's introductory discussions about modern constructions of identity to early modern anxieties about the uniquity of humanity: "the more man in his physiology resembles a machine or the product of a machine .
77) Each circuit of repetition is unique since repetition, the making of / always anew, amounts to the impossibility of repeating the signifying uniquity of the first /, the unpresentation of the part-object.
Given the widespread interest in the "narrative construction of reality" and the uniquity as well as importance of narratives in contemporary media cultures, there is certainly every reason to share Fludernik's "measured optimista" ("Narralology" 757) about narratology's continued survival.
Why dost thou show me uniquity and cause me to behold grievance?
Although you might think that the uniquity argument would lose force the more often it's used (after all, how many worst forms of speech can there be?
The anti-porn crusaders, in fact, have upped the uniquity stakes by claiming that both the problem and its solution are special cases.
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I've been running around this store since I was four years old, helping out on weekends and summers when I was a teen," says Lara Hatch Shayman, vice president of Uniquity, a jewelry and gift store that her mother bought in 1976.
For Uniquity, a successful strategy has been locating their store on a side street vs.
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