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 (bûr′ōz, bŭr′-), Edgar Rice 1875-1950.
American writer best known for creating the character Tarzan in his novel Tarzan of the Apes (1914).


, John 1837-1921.
American naturalist and writer whose vivid essays gained him wide popularity as a benign sage of nature.

Burroughs 1

, William Seward 1855-1898.
American inventor who designed (1885) and patented the first practical adding machine.

Burroughs 2

, William Seward 1914-1997.
American writer noted especially for Naked Lunch (1959), a surrealist portrait of drug addiction.


1. (Biography) Edgar Rice. 1875–1950, US novelist, author of the Tarzan stories
2. (Biography) William S(eward). 1914–97, US novelist, noted for his experimental works exploring themes of drug addiction, violence, and homosexuality. His novels include Junkie (1953), The Naked Lunch (1959), and Interzone (1989)


(ˈbɜr oʊz, ˈbʌr-)

1. Edgar Rice, 1875–1950, U.S. novelist.
2. John, 1837–1921, U.S. naturalist and essayist.
3. William Seward, 1855–98, U.S. inventor of the adding machine.
4. his grandson William S(eward), 1914–97, U.S. novelist.
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Noun1.Burroughs - United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)
2.Burroughs - United States inventor who patented the first practical adding machine (1855-1898)
3.Burroughs - United States novelist and author of the Tarzan stories (1875-1950)
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