unit vector

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u′nit vec`tor

a vector having a length of one unit.
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Shell Deer Park unit normal NEW YORK: Royal Dutch Shell said its 327,000 barrel per day joint-venture refinery in Deer Park, Texas, had returned to normal operations after a fire last week.
The z values that correspond to the proportion matrix elements were identified and the formation of the unit normal variance matrix was put into effect.
GAMMA] denotes the surface of the object with the unit normal vector n, and the parameter c depends on the location of observation point.
1], D and N represent Levi-Civita connection and unit normal vector field of M, respectively.
where n is the unit normal vector to the boundary surface, t represents the tangential field components, [[?
Thus we can choose a unique timelike unit normal vector field N on [[SIGMA].
where n is the unit normal of the interface, and the subscripts 1 and 2 denote the two different fluids.
Let S be an orientable surface and let n be the unit normal vector field of S.
it is possible to choose a unit normal vector n at every point continuously over the surface.
As shown in Figure 2, regardless of the position of the point p, we translate its normal vector n so that its origin coincides with the origin of the coordinate system, and the end of the unit normal lies on a unit sphere.
Projected onto the unit normal N, the first of (19) then is none other than the celebrated Hugoniot equation of the shock-wave theory, i.
3] be a unit normal vector field of M as a submanifold of [S.