unit vector

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u′nit vec`tor

a vector having a length of one unit.
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z] are Cartesian components of unit normal vector, P is static pressure, H is total enthalpy, and [V.
3] are the magnitude of the components of the unit normal vector in the global coordinate axes.
f]=freezing point constant of solution] N (PV)/(RT) Amount in moles [P=pressure; V=volume; R=ideal gas constant; T=temperature in Kelvins] T'/[parallel]T'[parallel] Unit normal vector [T=unit tangent vector] O 16.
GAMMA] denotes the surface of the object with the unit normal vector n, and the parameter c depends on the location of observation point.
Q] is unit normal vector on the flapping hydrofoil surface, [Q.
1], D and N represent Levi-Civita connection and unit normal vector field of M, respectively.
Moreover, the induced metric is given by (30) and a unit normal vector field by (31).
i]) is calculated by the inner product of the unit direction vector (i) of the incidence photons and the unit normal vector ([[vector].
We shall assume that M is oriented (so that a unit normal vector field [xi] is defined on the whole M)and that the type number k(x) is greater than 0 everywhere on M.
w] is the unit normal vector directed into the wall, and [[[vector].
Let S be an orientable surface and let n be the unit normal vector field of S.
is flat if and only if there exist locally m-n mutually orthogonal unit normal vector fields [V.