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CRN has advocated for the acceptance of CFUs as the unit of measure for probiotics for several years and will continue to engage with FDA on this important issue, said Wong.
The unit of measure mg/L should be used only when referring to SI units or when national or international guidelines require or recommend that the concentration of an analyte be expressed in that unit of measure, such as for high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.
This relationship is used to establish a unit of measure for mechanical energy.
Company's types 2032, 2132 and 2232 digital sanitary pressure gauges are ideal for when a max/min value, alternate unit of measure or dampened display value is required.
In the January/February 2007 issue, Hank mentioned Web sites that provide unit of measure conversions.
* Metric Ton--At 2,205 pounds (or 1,000 kilograms), this unit of measure is standard in most of the world.
These scales allow users to read directly in the particular unit of measure in which interested, eliminating the need for arcane conversion tables and charts correlated to Brix and refractive index.
Able to distinguish products at a specific unit of measure, UPNs are considered fundamental to effective use of bar coding and other electronic product identification technology.
One common approach for dealing with this problem is to use the team rather than the individual as the unit of measure. However, several of the teachers changed teams during the semester, resulting in ill defined team units.
The meters include the AL-213 and AL-512, which use a 4-20 mA linear scalable input to display any unit of measure. There is also the AP-560, which is designed to monitor ac voltage.
The software is said to automatically calculate conversion quantities and relieve inventory in the base unit of measure. Reportedly, it provides complete control over raw materials, assembled work-in-process, finished goods, and other items.
While the test methods have been modified, Scovilles are still the accepted unit of measure. Many official organizations have scrutinized this method for its accuracy.