unit vector

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u′nit vec`tor

a vector having a length of one unit.
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j+1], be an arbitrary unit vector that is orthogonal to span{[v.
In block 5, we see the complex multiplication of the real and imaginary components of the signal sent to the input of block 5 by unit vector which can be described in expression [e.
g] [alpha] n , where [alpha] is the unit vector of point P along the tangent direction, and n is the unit vector of point P along normal direction.
g] [member of] (c, [sigma]) as the initial value of pattern search, And given the unit vector [e.
Thus, the parametrization of the ruled surface is given by [phi](t; v) = [alpha](t) + vX(t) where [alpha] and X are the base curve and unit vector in the direction of the rulings of the ruled surface, respectively.
j](:,1) is a unit vector along the rotated x direction, the second column [A.
This prior training was instrumental in raising awareness, not only regarding other military medical missions and responsibilities, but also on the availability of medical resources such as the AFPMB and its disease vector ecology profiles, (7) the Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit vector identification services and tools, (8) and the USAPHC's environmental sampling program.
and p are, respectively, fluid density, electrical conductivity, magnetic permeability, Kinematic coefficient of viscosity, unit vector along z-axis and pressure.
In this case, we choose a basis {X, JX} in [pi], where X is a unit vector in [pi].
k] is the maximal distance of a unit vector from the set {[+ or -][u.