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1. An adherent of Unitarian Universalism.
2. A monotheist who is not a Christian.
3. A Christian who is not a Trinitarian.

[From New Latin ūnitārius, monotheist, from Latin ūnitās, unity; see unity.]

U′ni·tar′i·an adj.
U′ni·tar′i·an·ism n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a supporter of unity or centralization
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to unity or centralization
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) another word for unitary


1. (Theology) theol a person who believes that God is one being and rejects the doctrine of the Trinity
2. (Christian Churches, other) ecclesiast an upholder of Unitarianism, esp a member of the Church (Unitarian Church) that embodies this system of belief
3. (Theology) ecclesiast an upholder of Unitarianism, esp a member of the Church (Unitarian Church) that embodies this system of belief
(Christian Churches, other) of or relating to Unitarians or Unitarianism
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(ˌyu nɪˈtɛər i ən)

1. a member of a liberal religious denomination founded upon the doctrine that God is one being, and giving each congregation complete control over its affairs. Compare Unitarian Universalist.
2. (l.c.) a person who maintains that God is one being, rejecting the doctrine of the Trinity.
3. (l.c.) an advocate of unity or centralization, as in government.
4. of or pertaining to the Unitarians or their doctrines.
5. (l.c.) unitary.
[1680–90; < New Latin ūnitāri(us) (Latin ūnit(ās) unity + -ārius -ary) + -an1]
U`ni•tar′i•an•ism, n.
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Noun1.Unitarian - adherent of UnitarianismUnitarian - adherent of Unitarianism    
Unitarian Church - the Protestant denomination that rejects the doctrine of the Trinity
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Unitarian - of or relating to or characterizing UnitarianismUnitarian - of or relating to or characterizing Unitarianism
faith, religion, religious belief - a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality"
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A. ADJunitario
B. Nunitario/a m/f
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nUnitarier(in) m(f)
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References in classic literature ?
"I don't quite know what a Unitarian is," said Philip.
"A Unitarian very earnestly disbelieves in almost everything that anybody else believes, and he has a very lively sustaining faith in he doesn't quite know what."
He began a weekly paper which ceased after a few numbers, he lectured on history, and preached in various Unitarian chapels.
And now, as this new book was not a success, and as he did not seem able to make enough money as a poet, Coleridge seriously began to think of becoming a Unitarian preacher altogether.
Newman's comrade, whose name was Babcock, was a young Unitarian minister, a small, spare neatly-attired man, with a strikingly candid physiognomy.
His religious beliefs had become what would at present be called Unitarian, and he did not associate with any of the existing denominations; in private theory he had even come to believe in polygamy.
It is difficult for the good Christian to acknowledge the good Pagan; almost impossible for the good Orthodox to grasp the hand of the good Unitarian, leaving to their Creator to settle the matters in dispute, and giving their mutual efforts strongly and trustingly to whatever right thing is too evident to be mistaken.
Minchin for his part liked to keep the mental windows open and objected to fixed limits; if the Unitarian brewer jested about the Athanasian Creed, Dr.
The peculiar province of the Pulpit in New England (always excepting the Unitarian Ministry) would appear to be the denouncement of all innocent and rational amusements.
I knew a witty physician who found the creed in the biliary duct, and used to affirm that if there was disease in the liver, the man became a Calvinist, and if that organ was sound, he became a Unitarian. Very mortifying is the reluctant experience that some unfriendly excess or imbecility neutralizes the promise of genius.
At last a horse's feet clinked upon flags, rustled in the old grey straw of the rickyard, and she found herself facing the vicar--a figure she had seen at church declaiming impossibilities (Sophie was a Unitarian) in an unnatural voice.
In rejecting it because it is incomprehensible, Unitarians betray their inadequate sense of theological fundamentals.

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