Federal Reserve System

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Federal Reserve

or Federal Reserve System
The US central bank, a system of 12 Federal Reserve banks, each serving member commercial banks in its own district. This system, supervised by the Federal Reserve Board, has broad regulatory powers over the money supply and the credit structure.

Federal Reserve System

(Banking & Finance) (in the US) a banking system consisting of twelve Federal Reserve Districts, each containing member banks regulated and served by a Federal Reserve Bank. It operates under the supervision of the Federal Reserve Board and performs functions similar to those of the Bank of England

Fed′eral Reserve′ Sys`tem

a U.S. federal banking system that is under the control of a central board of governors (Fed′eral Reserve′ Board`) with a central bank (Fed′eral Reserve′ Bank`) in each of 12 districts and that has wide powers in controlling credit and the flow of money.
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Noun1.Federal Reserve System - the central bank of the United StatesFederal Reserve System - the central bank of the United States; incorporates 12 Federal Reserve branch banks and all national banks and state-chartered commercial banks and some trust companies; "the Fed seeks to control the United States economy by raising and lowering short-term interest rates and the money supply"
central bank - a government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government
Federal Reserve Bank, reserve bank - one of 12 regional banks that monitor and act as depositories for banks in their region
national bank - a commercial bank chartered by the federal government
member bank - a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System
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But United States Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said yesterday that a US rate rise in December is a "live possibility", which has already seen financial markets bring forward their expectations for the UK to follow suit with a hike at the end of 2016.
Economists and analysts have been given plenty of food for thought by the decision of the United States Federal Reserve not to touch interest rates, following its regular two-day policy meeting in Washington.
As the United States Federal Reserve and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) examine options for a common standard, insurers of all sizes are readying themselves to deal with the new mandates.
Interest rates to go up Al Zadjali expects the interest rates in the local market to marginally increase towards the end of the year, if the United States Federal Reserve raises dollar rates.
Also commenting on the issuance of the patent was Eugenie Foster, Principal of Eugenie Foster LLC, a highly respected consultancy in the area of cash management and processing and formerly Cash Manager for the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System stated "Spectra Systems Corporation's patented technology for the Supercritical Fluid Cleaning of banknotes has significant potential for reducing the expenses of central banks, other banknote issuing authorities, and cash processors for the acquisition of new banknotes, a major cost in the cash cycle.
Bank of Singapore (BoS) chief economist, Richard Jerram, said that the United States Federal Reserve might raise interest rates sooner than expected.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The United States Federal Reserve (Fed) has reportedly started an inspection of the financial transactions of Turkey's state-run Ziraat Bankasy New York branch, Turkish media reported on Tuesday.
It stated that the United States Federal Reserve last week reduced its Quantitative Easing program by 10 Billion Dollars.
The former chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Ben S.
By Barry Eichengreen Cambridge / The United States Federal Reserve and the People's Bank of China (PBOC) are not typically seen as two peas in a pod.
It adopts the model for information sharing developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and follows similar arrangements the DFSA has with other significant banking supervisors such as the UK Financial Services Authority, Germany's Bundesanstalt fE-r Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Banque de France, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the United States Federal Reserve.
21, 2010, SPA -- The United States Federal Reserve will extend until August its operations to provide liquidity of dollars to key foreign central banks, a coordinated statement said Tuesday.

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