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Noun1.United States Senate - the upper house of the United States CongressUnited States Senate - the upper house of the United States Congress
senate - assembly possessing high legislative powers
Congress, U.S. Congress, United States Congress, US Congress - the legislature of the United States government
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He refused the United States Senate several times, and father says he could become a justice of the Supreme Court any time a vacancy occurs, if he wants to.
It is the Railroad Trust that runs your state government, wherever you live, and that runs the United States Senate.
United States], December 20 ( ANI ): The United States Senate on Wednesday approved the largest overhaul of the U.
BEIRUT: The United States Senate passed a resolution Thursday urging Tehran to release Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese national and American resident.
Im glad a broad, bipartisan majority of the United States Senate voted to confirm Gov.
Since being elected to the United States Senate in 2013, he has been fighting to create more jobs and grow the Massachusetts economy, combat gun violence, expand access to treatment for heroin and prescription drug abuse, protect our environment, and ensure equal rights for all.
During his tenure in the United States Senate, Kerry cosponsored numerous resolutions on the Armenian Genocide, was
The issue presented to the Illinois Supreme Court was whether the secretary of state was required to sign and affix the seal of the state to the document issued by the governor certifying the appointment of Roland Burris to the United States Senate.
CQ quoted Senator Kennedy, who called the group who had gone to the White House "a band of brothers, Republican and Democratic alike, who saw the importance of passage of this legislation, saw that America needed to relight the golden lamp, and that is what the United States Senate has done today.
I think it's important that members of the United States Senate spend time not just on Capitol Hill but making contact with ordinary people and engaging them in the political process.
In his weekly radio address, President Bush said, "This past week I met with Democratic and Republican leaders in the United States Senate and sought their views on the process, and their thoughts on the qualities to look for in a potential nominee.
Despite a veto threat from the Bush Administration, the United States Senate is expected to overwhelming pass the Safe, Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act.

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