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n.1.(Chem.) The quality or state of being univalent.
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Negatively charged NF membranes had high rejection for high-valence anions, and had no effect on univalence anions [36, 37].
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Recently, an extension of type theory with homotopical concepts such as univalence is gaining traction because it allows for the first time to marry together expected principles of equality.
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Their proof of Fekete-Szego inequalities requires the univalence of [phi].
Univalence of integral operators involving Bessel functions.
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Among the topics are definitions of quasiconformal maps, infinitesimal space, points of maximal stretching, Lipschitz continuity of quasiconformal maps, and criteria of univalence.
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Univalence of the mapping means that for each element in the domain there can be only one element (image) in the range.
However, Carothers took advantage of a known fact, that of the univalence of the X [then called "accessory" chromosome by McClung (McClung 1901, 1902; Castillo et al.