Universal church

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the whole church of God in the world; the catholic church. See the Note under Catholic, a., 1.

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When the pope gives a dogmatic definition for the Universal Church, he is said to speak "Ex Cathedra," or "From the Chair.
The commission established by the pope to address the problem of pedophilia within the universal church has done little to remedy the issue of mistrust on the part of the laity.
Carlo Sunio of Universal Church of Christ in the Philippines, Rev.
The Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said Bishop Tighe is "a person of kindness and integrity, whose contribution to life of the Universal Church, particularly in social communications, was widely respected".
David Conley Nelson, who describes himself as part of a "typically large Latter-day Saint family," is unsparing of his criticism of German Mormons and of subsequent efforts by the universal church to minimize the historical evidence of their involvement.
We are a local Church only to the extent that we are part of the universal Church established by Christ our Lord.
He will no longer be in the Curia, with no influence on the governance of the universal Church.
The Universal Church for the Kingdom of God in New Zealand was told to remove the ad saying it can heal "incurable diseases" and other health problems in prayer sessions.
LAHORE -- Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Senator Kamran Michael distributed Christmas grant cheques amongst 200 Christians at the Universal Church, Ferozepur Road, here on Saturday.
He discusses the church as people gathered in the name of Jesus, sociological and theological perspectives, being sent out into the world, fellowship with one another, the church as an organization and institution, a fellowship of ministries, worship--as being gathered in the name of Jesus, the universal church as the fellowship of local churches, and building up the real church.
We must not reduce the bosom of the universal church to a nest protecting our mediocrity.
For too long the Universal Church has been Eurocentric.

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