Universal church

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the whole church of God in the world; the catholic church. See the Note under Catholic, a., 1.

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The Roman Catholic Church will mark tomorrow the Feast of Saint Lawrence (San Lorenzo) of Brindisi, considered as the greatest Capuchin preacher and the first Capuchin-Franciscan to be honored as a Doctor of the Universal Church.
That is why the sacrament of the new covenant, the Eucharist, must employ signs that have an international significance, because the Eucharist is the food that sustains the universal Church and spiritually nourishes every believer who receives it.
For me, praying the Hours is a point of continuity with the universal church. I have prayed from this book of Hours since the early 1970s.
24 United Methodist Reporter that the denomination "ordains for ministry in the universal church of Jesus Christ."
And we cannot help but think of the Pope's own example in his mission as Shepherd of the Universal Church, when we read these other words of his: "The men and women of our own day--often perhaps unconsciously--ask believers not only to 'speak' of Christ, but in a certain sense to 'show' Him to them.
That custom, begun in the 15th century by Spanish Dominicans, was extended to the universal church by Pope Benedict XIV in 1748.
This is not a Canadian development; it is the law of the universal Church.
For example, Saint Thomas Aquinas asserted the wider medieval understanding that the universal church cannot err, because it is guided by the Holy Spirit.
Venerated as the patron of the Universal Church, fathers, the dying, and workers, homilies in tomorrow's masses will focus on how St.
The ongoing tension to preserve the faith and strengthen the family in the face of modern distractions could apply to traditional believers throughout the Universal Church. But perhaps it is today's Goan community that reflects that struggle so vividly.
As Vatican II's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy noted, "The musical tradition of the universal church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art," for music, the bishops argue, is at the center of our common life of prayer, and adorns that prayer to render it more "noble."
When you celebrate Mass with 800,000 you know for certain you belong to the Universal Church.

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