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(Astron.) a species of altitude and azimuth instrument, the peculiarity of which is, that the object end of the telescope is placed at right angles to the eye end, with a prism of total reflection at the angle, and the eye end constitutes a portion of the horizontal axis of the instrument, having the eyepiece at the pivot and in the center of the altitude circle, so that the eye has convenient access to both at the same time.

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The second test is, that although such machines might execute many things with equal or perhaps greater perfection than any of us, they would, without doubt, fail in certain others from which it could be discovered that they did not act from knowledge, but solely from the disposition of their organs: for while reason is an universal instrument that is alike available on every occasion, these organs, on the contrary, need a particular arrangement for each particular action; whence it must be morally impossible that there should exist in any machine a diversity of organs sufficient to enable it to act in all the occurrences of life, in the way in which our reason enables us to act.
But we probably cannot expect it to be a universal instrument that would significantly increase the enforceability of tax arrears.
Qatar was one of the most important donors to the Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking in persons, which has become a legally binding universal instrument for the protection and assistance of victims of trafficking with full respect for their human rights.
It is a universal instrument that many people can play well.
That much of the UN's activity "depends on the personality of its leader, their authority [and] capacities to effectively use the UN's potential" is "obvious" at a time when the global body is facing a number of challenges as the world's unique bulwark of the international system but is still recognized as the only legitimate universal instrument in international relations.
Designed as a universal instrument, the ERZ 2000-NG can be used for all metrological tasks in a gas metering station.
But Shevchenko rejects those critiques claiming that the battle to takes one clothes off "is the universal instrument for women's fight in patriarchal society where we live".
The system offers a universal instrument slot architecture, allowing easy scaling from single-site to multisite, from digital only to mixed-signal to RF ASSP configurations.
Wilkes advised on the MBO of Universal Instrument Services, a firm based in Leicester that tests, repairs and maintains electrical equipment, both at its own premises and abroad.
The treaty is the first universal instrument which seeks to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment through a system of regular visits to places of deprivation of liberty carried out by independent national and international bodies.
Though many of its features were designed for one specific latitude, various improvements over time made it into a more universal instrument.
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