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Noun1.University of Chicago - a university in Chicago, IllinoisUniversity of Chicago - a university in Chicago, Illinois  
Chicago, Windy City - largest city in Illinois; a bustling Great Lakes port that extends 26 miles along the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan
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Harper, of the University of Chicago, who was chairman of the committee of invitations for the celebration to be held in the city of Chicago, to deliver one of the addresses at the celebration there.
Bachin (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004.
In recent years, however, TWO has worked more closely with the University of Chicago and the developers of new townhouses and condominiums.
Gamma-ray bursts "hold great promise" for studying dark energy, says cosmologist Don Lamb of the University of Chicago, but he adds that he disagrees with Schaefer's analysis of dark energy at large distances.
"It has been one of the weak links of racial justice organizing over the last three decades," says Warren, the University of Chicago expert on race and labor.
He received his bachelor of science and his medical degrees at the University Of Chicago and received his Ph.D.
(3.) D'Emilio J and Freedman EB, Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America, second ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.
"We should scrap what we're doing and go back to the drawing board," University of Chicago professor Melissa Roderick, one of the lead CCSR researchers, told the Associated Press, in a story reprinted around the country.
The body of Christ found in the chaplains of the University of Chicago Hospitals continue to provide a sign of God's abiding presence, even in the midst of despair.
Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, 2004.
5 Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities: The Making of a Homosexual Minority in the United States, 1940-1970 by John D'Emilio, University of Chicago Press
A team from the University of Chicago and the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois will study the effects of social context on the stage at which breast cancer is diagnosed.

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