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Noun1.University of Nebraska - a university in Lincoln, NebraskaUniversity of Nebraska - a university in Lincoln, Nebraska  
capital of Nebraska, Lincoln - capital of the state of Nebraska; located in southeastern Nebraska; site of the University of Nebraska
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The collaboration is aimed at implementing the company's Sustainability Solution on four University campuses including Lincoln, Omaha, University of Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha, and Kearney and Nebraska Medicine, the research and education partner of UNMC, also located in Omaha.
A large cohort of the Omani student body is enrolled in the University of Nebraska's College of Engineering.
Woo-Yang Kim, PhD, associate professor, developmental neuroscience, led a team of researchers from University of Nebraska Medical Centre and Creighton University into a deeper exploration of a genetic mutation that decreases the function of certain neurons in the brain.
About half had been indexed with affiliation identifiers specific to other institutions in the University of Nebraska system, although only one of these ninety-six articles actually had an author affiliated with one of the other University of Nebraska institutions.
University of Nebraska Facilities Corporation (UNFC) bonds are payable solely from payments made by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.
Sandra Lineberry, University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union's board chair said, "NUFCU will be in great hands with Keith, who brings outstanding expertise in the credit union industry, including a deep background in leveraging people and processes that will serve NUFCU well."
Katherine Ankerson, associate dean of University of Nebraska at Lincoln's College of Architecture and professor in the Interior Design Program, developed "Lighting Across the Design Curriculum" to enrich the lighting education of undergraduate design students through shared curricula, or modules, that integrate with architecture, interior design and landscape design programs.
New Delhi, Dec.10 (ANI): The University of Nebraska is eager to collaborate with Indian educational institutes and universities in the field of research and institute student exchange programmes.
Kathleen Flenniken, Famous, poetry, University of Nebraska Press, $17.95 paper.
East Park benefits from its proximity to the University of Nebraska and its 40,000 students.
Worldwide, about 560 million tons of straw is left behind in rice fields annually, representing a large, untapped resource of cellulose fibers, says Yiqi Yang of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

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