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Noun1.University of Sussex - a red-brick university in Brighton, EnglandUniversity of Sussex - a red-brick university in Brighton, England
East Sussex - a county in southern England on the English Channel
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Release date- 23082019 - University of Sussex researchers have won a major grant for a four-year project investigating how innovation could protect young people from the threat of child sexual exploitation, gang-association, peer-on-peer abuse, criminal exploitation and involvement in county lines drug dealing.
Erik Millstone, professor emeritus, University of Sussex
The world's most widely used artificial sweetener has not been adequately proven to be safe for human consumption, argues a newly published paper from University of Sussex researcher, MedicalXpress reports.
Another keynote speaker from University of Sussex UK Professor Dr Barbara Crossouard talked about sustainable development goals in quality education.
figure By NATION REPORTER A local think tank has urged African scholars to embrace innovation in research in bid to unlock the continent's potential by providing sustainable development solutions.During a recent forum held in Nairobi for scholars that was organised by the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) in collaboration with the University of Sussex, Agriculture Principal Secretary Hamadi Boga said the country was keen to ensure research plays a key role in the government's Big Four agenda.
Fateh Mohammad Burfat after returning home, completing their PhD from University of Sussex, UK and Beijing Sports University, China respectively.
Ernest of Henson Demonstration School in Benin City will be joining other international scholars at the University of Sussex later in the year in an all-expense paid programme.
The decision stipulates that the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center shall offer the programme in cooperation with University of Sussex. It also stipulates that the agreement with the university cannot be cancelled and the programme cannot be suspended without the approval of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
The Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Centre (Rolacc) announced yesterday the start of the e-registration for master degree on the rule of law and fighting corruption at the University of Sussex, UK.
This, the University of Sussex boffins argue, gives a better reflection of "momentary happiness" than traditional research techniques, where responses can be "filtered through rose-tinted glasses".
University of Sussex professor Erik Millstone said: "The UK should continue to insist on improving hygiene standards in poultry farms, slaughter houses and meat-cutting plants and not allow standards to decline, nor try relying on chemical disinfectants to reduce the harm that filthy meat can cause.

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