University of West Virginia

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Noun1.University of West Virginia - a university in Morgantown, West VirginiaUniversity of West Virginia - a university in Morgantown, West Virginia
Morgantown - a city in northern West Virginia on the Monongahela river near the Pennsylvania border; site of the University of West Virginia
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He studied at the University of West Virginia while in military service.
The University of West Virginia and City University of New York researchers say a new forensic accounting model is needed to better detect and deter fraud.
Percival (medical microbiology, the University of West Virginia) and Cutting, clinical editor of the journal Wounds, present scientific and clinical data on the microbiology and biology of chronic and acute wounds in relation to infection and non-healing.
The Weekly Standard reported that in a town hall meeting on the campus of the University of West Virginia, an Air Force ROTC cadet asked Mullen to respond to a hypothetical situation: if Israel decided to attack Iran, he said, its jets would need to fly through Iraqi airspace, which is considered a "no-fly" zone by the American military.
He holds a bachelor's degree in History and English from the University of West Virginia.
BUDIG, a former member of the Kappan Board of Editorial Consultants, was president or chancellor of Illinois State University, the University of West Virginia, and the University of Kansas.

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