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v. t.1.To disjoin.
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You can join, unjoin and rejoin which side you fancy.
New research may show a path forward to dramatically increase our ability to join, unjoin, and rejoin car parts more efficiently and economically--and to further drive down the weight of cars using more lightweight materials and components.
When Justices write directly contradictory drafts, or join and then "unjoin" opinions for reasons unconnected to what they think about the merits, surely they must think the rule of five describes constitutional law better than the rule of low does.
The maturity of the males was determined by the joining of the petasma (joined: mature, unjoined: immature), and the presence of spermatophores in the terminal ampules (Dall et al., 1990).
By the end of year 1, students are forming every letter correctly, and writing words legibly using unjoined print script of a consistent size.
In my view, this deus ex machina problem is the unjoined debate in economics.
In the summer of her twelfth year she feels "like an unjoined person" excluded from having any real connection with the larger world (McCullers [1946] 1962, 7), and is anguished by her failure to fit in, confused by the social pressure to use her body in such a way as to display appropriate levels of femininity and thus to optimize her appeal to boys.
Frankie had become an unjoined person who hung around in doorways, and she was afraid" (2).
If the primers match the SNP, this results in an exponential amplification of the levels of the (1+2) and (3+4) product; if the SNP does not match, the four test primers remain unjoined throughout the cycling (Figure Id).
Frankie had become an unjoined person who hung around in doorways, and she was afraid." So begins the story that takes place over only a few days in a south Georgia town during the second world war.