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n.1.Want of justice; injustice.
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Pervez Rashid said that law will take its own course and no unjustice will be done to anybody.
At a time when this unjustice to Pakistan, was about to be brought it was decided to bring it to the notice of the Security Council.
Erdogan, interview by the Turkish NTV television station, aired late on Friday, said he could not predict when exactly this regime would be deposed, "however it would eventually crumble because such a regime could remain in power and practise unjustice against its people.
Perception of unJustice is detrimental to the motivation for collective work [24].
She has signed a confidentiality agreement which prevents her speaking publicly about the split - although in the loos she was overheard ranting about the unjustice of it all.
With the home crowd at a packed Stradey sensing unjustice, the already electric atmosphere moved up a gear and the Scarlets responded to their stirred-up supporters' urgings.
Fortunately for Bouma, Thomas Sorensen saved Jermaine Defoe's penalty - but there was still a feeling of unjustice.
Using standpoint analysis, we see that Julianna portrays her treatment as a tension-filled intersection of empowerment and disempowerment, justice and unjustice, enablement and constraint.
Everton's best-ever goalkeeper, Neville Southall, on the unjustice of Walter Smith's departure.
The healing circle was held only after a compensation package was offered and accepted by the family for their father, post-humously, for the unjustice he suffered.
36) At an early age, Stephen was caught in a conflict between his public reputation as "the terror of the people where I lived" and his own perception of himself as a righteous rebel and frequent victim of unfairness and unjustice.
Indeed, at times Barabas seems to treat the unjustice done to him as a welcome excuse to plan, to scheme, to strategize: that is, to live his idea of life at its fullest.