v. t.1.To unfold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Verstappen, 21, was leading on lap 44 in Sao Paulo when backmarker Ocon tried to unlap himself and the pair collided.
I was stuck in-between and the team came on radio to say I could unlap and I went for it as I wanted to get into the top-10 and get some points for the team.
The Force India driver, who was a lap down, was keen to unlap himself and tried to pass the Red Bull car going into Turn 1.
However Verstappen tangled three laps later in a collision with Ocon who was 16th and after being lapped tried to unlap himself.
"I don't think Max left him any room," he told Sky Sports television, "You're allowed to unlap yourself," he added, dismissing as 'conspiracy theory' any suggestion that Ocon's long-term contract with Mercedes played any part in his actions.
The Japanese also passed Vettel to unlap himself, which did not please the champion.
The team was at one point 16 laps behind the leader and managed to unlap themselves 5 times but was too late.
The car's momentum was eventually halted by an advertising board, bringing out the safety car which ultimately aided Webber's cause as he was able to unlap himself and catch the pack.
Unlap, "Inhibition of NFkB DNA binding activity by gluco-corticoids in rat brain," Neuroscience Letters, vol.
On fresh rubber, and although effectively a backmarker, given the speed of his McLaren he tried to unlap himself by first passing second-placed Vettel.
Earlier, the Red Bull racer waved an arm in frustration at Button's teammate as Hamilton tried to unlap himself and started mixing it with the race leaders, The Daily Mirror reports.