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No longer living but supernaturally animated, as a zombie.


(European Myth & Legend)
a. (of a fictional being, such as a vampire) technically dead but reanimated
b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the undead.


1. no longer alive but animated by a supernatural force, as a vampire or zombie.
2. (used with a pl. v.) undead beings collectively (usu. prec. by the).


n the undead pldie Untoten pl
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MONSTER HIGH: NEW GHOUL IN SCHOOL (3DS) MONSTER High's proving to be a pretty successful toy franchise for young girls around the UK, and this 3DS release will transport them to a world where they start as a new student to have the time of their "unlife" attending school with their favourite Monster High ghoulfriends.
This 3DS release will give young fans a chance to have the time of their "unlife" at school with their favourite Monster High ghoulfriends.
Schow, A Week in the Unlife, 1991; Steve Rasnic Tem, Vintage Domestic, 1992; Kim Newman, Red Reign, 1992; Graham Masterton, Laird of Dunain, 1992; M.
Surely, Smith's Wood associate principal Angela Miller unlife and puts you in good stead for your working life.
However, Angie kills him before he has chance to do so, leading directly to Marion's death, which is seen as natural and, therefore, preferable to the unlife he could grant her.
It was the old gods that drove Pictish women mad, causing their collective suicide, as a result of which "the Picts never quite recovered from that tragedy" (Islands 330), eventually becoming slaves of the Elves and practitioners of black magic or--as it is called in the series--"Unlife" (Islands 295).
"Evenings on Dark Island" tell the story of vampires and life, as a new vampire faces the realities of unlife on an island filled with your not so typical vampires trying to get by.
But things conspire to draw us out of the living mainstream into the stagnant, fetid pools of unlife.
Feel the sense of frustration of the now tenured Minority Vampire, who realizes the intense alienation of Vampire Law Professor life, or rather "unlife." A Vampire's life's work only appears in journals that only other Vampires read.
or unlife. An excellent supporting cast inject humour into the romance, and kids will love the maniacal world of the dead.