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v. t.1.To recall or retract, as a look.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For otherwise, whatsoever is new is unlooked for; and ever it mends some, and pairs others; and he that is holpen, takes it for a fortune, and thanks the time; and he that is hurt, for a wrong, and imputeth it to the author.
The worthy captain, indeed, appears to have been strongly interested by this gleam of unlooked for light amidst the darkness of the wilderness.
The chaise of a traveller being a rare sight in Fullerton, the whole family were immediately at the window; and to have it stop at the sweep-gate was a pleasure to brighten every eye and occupy every fancy -- a pleasure quite unlooked for by all but the two youngest children, a boy and girl of six and four years old, who expected a brother or sister in every carriage.
When I'm in Parlyment and riding in my coach, I don't want none of these sea-lawyers in the cabin a-coming home, unlooked for, like the devil at prayers.
It came from a source equally unlooked for by either thern or pirate.
But what always struck him in her as something unlooked for, was the expression of her eyes, soft, serene, and truthful, and above all, her smile, which always transported Levin to an enchanted world, where he felt himself softened and tender, as he remembered himself in some days of his early childhood.
'My child is welcome, though unlooked for,' said she, at the time presenting her cheek as if it were a cool slate for visitors to enrol themselves upon.
In a parallel vein, Laura Hinton and Cynthia Houge praise women's experimental writing for its "feminist proclivity" to "astonish by presenting what previously remained not only unseen but unlooked for in mainstream culture.
But the reactions to the news report took another turn, with some Nigerians blaming the Department of State Security and the Senate for failing to spot the alleged forgery while investigating Adeosun as a ministerial nominee, with a Twitter user with the handle @Saatah saying that 'lawmakers knew her certificate was fake, but unlooked so they could blackmail Kemi Adeosun to keep giving them money.
But there comes a time to let go of childish things, and the stamps, plate blocks and first-day covers I collected in the 1950s had sat in a box in the basement for too many years, unlooked at, unattended to, low-hanging fruit in my efforts to downsize.
Marcet noted that 'My John Hopkins has had a very unlooked for success among the great P[olitical].E[conomists].'s....' (letter to Frank Marcet, 8 February 1833, cited Polkinghorn 1993, 108).