a.1.Incapable of being mastered or subdued.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There is a hint of the mathematical sublime, with the unmasterable natural image--vast herds, miles and miles of golden moss--where you might expect a reference to barbarian hordes, so that the indifference of those reindeer moving silently and very fast makes them an unmasterable reality,--the antithesis of decadence--evocative of a larger framework that makes civilization in its decline seem trivial and not just sinister.
Rather than naming the animals and dividing them apart from the human as "the animal," Derrida asks us to respond to the challenge expressed in the singular gaze of each one of the living beings in whose midst we dwell, the challenge to extend justice beyond the boundaries of our own species to include animals in all their unnamable and unmasterable multiplicity.
(This loss of self, together with the protective boundaries that constitute it, explains why enjoyment may be connected with affects like terror and anxiety.) (6) Psychic life is never simply a matter of mastering one's desires, but consists in a kind of second degree "orderly disorder" or "disorderly order," a sinuous and ultimately unmasterable choreography between control and loss of control.
They argued that the German people have been burdened with a seemingly 'unmasterable past' despite their country's numerous contributions to democracy in Europe and around the globe.
Byrne & Callaghan, 2014; Cilliers, 1998; Miller & Page, 2007; Mason, 2008; Osberg & Biesta, 2010), scientific knowledge is represented, not as discrete bits of knowledge to be mastered in sequence, but as a highly complex, always-changing system of inter-connected elements that are fundamentally unmasterable (Capra, 2002; Capra & Luisi, 2014).
A world where what was other than me felt alien, other, unmasterable, beyond my involvement, or a world where there is no sense of 'I' and no sense of creating and sustaining through time is not deemed to be a world at all.
The unmasterable past: History, holocaust, and German national identity.
MAIER, The UNMASTERABLE PAST: History, Holocaust, and German National Identity (rev.
In the present study, I have paid specific attention to the seductive power of the enigmatic message, which is for Laplanche the unconscious and unmasterable source of erotic, "driven" life.
In Texts for Nothing, for instance, this persistence that is not an event of being is figured as a "voice murmuring a trace" which appears to resist all efforts to silence it with "no's knife." The Beckettian il y a appears, then, to be the most radical form of unmasterable alterity.
Every sign bears traces of an unmasterable underworld.
Since genius is partly defined as that which is unknowable and unmasterable, the project of revealing Picasso's mystery must fail or it risks upsetting one of the most potent and pervasive mythologies within Western art.