adv.1.With difficulty. See Uneath.
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Sir Gawaine's strength feebled and waxed pass- ing faint, that unnethes he might dure any longer, and Sir Marhaus was then bigger and bigger --"
164: "In the meanwhile that they thus stood talking together, therein came twelve nuns that brought with them Galahad, the which was passing fair and well made, that unnethe in the world men might not find his match: and all those ladies wept.
13) Unnethe the peple hir knew for hit fairnesse Whan she translated was in swich richnesse.
560), while that of his yeoman, similarly, "So swatte that unnethe myghte it gon" (563).
Thus in this hevene he gan him to delite, And therwithal a thousand tyme hire kiste; That what to don for joie unnethe he wiste.
Dampned was he to dyen in that prisoun, For Roger, which that bisshop was of Pize, Hadde on hym maad a fals suggestioun, Thurgh which the peple gan upon hym rise And putten hym to prisoun in swich wise As ye han herd, and mete and drynke he hadde So smal that wel unnethe it may suffise, And therwithal it was ful povre and badde.
This sodeyn cas this man astonyed so That reed he wax; abayst and al quakynge He stood; unnethes seyde he wordes mo, But oonly thus: "Lord", quod he, "my willynge Is as ye wole, ne ayeynes youre likynge I wol no thyng, ye be my lord so deere; *wish, want Right as yow lust, governeth this mateere.
Length Lowest number Symbol/Word 5 10093 Unnet 6 100936 Unneth 7 1009367 Unneths 8 10093697 Unnethes 9 102133807 Unbuttons 10 2133802176 Buttonbush 11 39018170977 Tenuousness 12 213380217597 Buttonbushes 13 2801398170977 Bounteousness 14 79071817097797 Sensuousnesses 15 281039817097797 Bounteousnesses 5 99797 Eeses 6 903690 Eothen 7 9779097 Essenes 8 97581797 Espouses 9 977906813 Essenhout 10 9779068137 Essenhouts 11 82979097797 Obesenesses 12 823179097797 Obtusenesses 13 3901817097797 Tenuousnesses 14 79071817097797 Sensuousnesses 15 281039817097797 Bounteousnesses
Of wenches wolde I beren hem on honde, Whan that for syk unnethes myghte they stonde.