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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The men are awk'ard and contrairy mostly, God help 'em--but when the drink's out of 'em, they aren't unsensible, though they're bad for leeching and bandaging--so fiery and unpatient. You see this goes first, next the skin," proceeded Dolly, taking up the little shirt, and putting it on.
One such group, UnPatient, characterizes health data
The two manifestos posted on the UnPatient website are also
be property to use as the owner sees fit." (301) The UnPatient
UnPatient blend descriptive and normative claims, asserting rights to
on the other hand, the sadness implying the frustration of the wish is "very harsh, unpatient, hard, full of grudge and fruitless pain, and guilty hopelessness, hindering and calling back that whom it had encompassed from initiative and salutary pain" (edit.
(4.) Miller, supra note 3; see Kish & Topol, Unpatients, supra note 3, at 922.
Sources of genetic data would enjoy some measure of wealth in the exchange"); Kish & Topol, Unpatients, supra note 3, at 923 ("To build a truly thriving health data economy, we need to harness the power of data ownership"); Mark A.
(38.) Kish & Topol, Unpatients, supra note 3, at 922 ("the US legal framework is constructed in a manner to block individuals from accessing their own medical data"); Kish & Topol, Correspondence, supra note 34, at 587 (discussing example of a patient who was unable to obtain data from the manufacturer of his own implanted defibrillator).
The exploitation of the potentiality of genetic testing has led to the emergence of a category of consumers that medical science has termed "unpatients".
[10.] Jonsen AR, Durfy SJ, Burke W, Motusky AG (1996) The Advent of the "Unpatients".
Albert Jonsen predicted genetic information will reshape the traditional doctor-patient relationship, focusing more attention on family than individual, and creating a class of presymptomatically diagnosed "unpatients" for whom no therapy is currently available.