n.1.Absence or lack of peace.
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The theme "Building Communities of Peace for All" reflects a challenge and a commitment of the Asian churches to the task of peace-building in the face of so much violence and unpeace in the region.
We pray that this commitment and openness will be maintained, and that the basic issues of injustice in our country, which have resulted in decades of unpeace, will be finally addressed.
We have witnessed a wanton disregard of people's rights and the prevalent climate of impunity and unpeace, especially under the Benigno S.
He can start by junking Oplan Bayanihan and similar counterinsurgency programs and take the road to genuine peace by addressing the roots of unpeace and the ongoing civil war through the negotiating table, Palabay said.
The subtext is that it is ironic that religion-any religion, in fact-preaches peace, and yet can itself be a big factor in the unpeace.
Then that would be unpeace and so we would waste this dimension of territorial integrity.
And thus, the state of unpeace and the narratives of oppression continue.