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Noun1.paper loss - an unrealized loss on an investment calculated by subtracting the current market price from the investor's cost
red ink, red, loss - the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue; "the company operated at a loss last year"; "the company operated in the red last year"
paper profit - an unrealized gain on an investment calculated by subtracting the investor's cost from the current market price
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As previously disclosed, RBC will record a further loss on sale of its operations of approximately C$37 million before and after tax, which includes an unrealized loss on foreign currency translation (C$45 million as at April 30, 2014).
Shin Kong saw net worth in the third quarter rebound NT$8.6 billion (US$286.67 million) to NT$52 billion (US$1.73 billion), reducing unrealized loss to NT$36.9 billion (US$1.23 billion).
Castle, the reported net loss primarily resulted from an unrealized loss of $4.3m for the mark-to-market adjustment on the conversion option associated with the convertible notes issued in December 2011, as well as, increased charges due to unrealized losses for commodity hedges and the impact of costs associated with the CEO transition.
The Education Foundation maintained an excess of revenue of approximately $900K before a net realized and unrealized loss on investments of S392K.
Summary: Dana's second-quarter net profit excluded an unrealized loss of 213 million dirhams.
At this point trader x has an unrealized loss of USD 1'000 and his margin utilization has risen to 16 % reflecting the effect of the downward move on his margin capacity.
On the other hand, depending on how the stock market does today, that $12 million unrealized loss could be an $11 million unrealized loss or a $13 million unrealized loss tomorrow.
The company also reported an unrealized loss of $579,000 on its $20.1 million holdings in the Reserve Primary Fund.
Discounting the unrealized loss, the company earned $14.8 million.
The question is, "Do you have a loss in your account?" Even if you haven't sold the stocks and indeed have no plans to sell them in the foreseeable future, is the unrealized loss a 'real' loss?
The Congregation's unrealized loss of $214,802 was not disclosed.
The company experiencing the unrealized gain will be required to increase its taxable capital for LCT purposes, but the sister company with the unrealized loss will not, under the TI, be permitted to decrease its taxable capital by a like amount.