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n.1.The quality or state of being unsettled.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some were inspired by their ideas of missionaries of earlier generations who lived in communities for years on end, while others wanted to avoid living with a sense of unsettledness and temporariness.
The unsettledness of international disputes, where the Kyrgyz Republic acts as a defendant, negatively affects the situation, as well," said Pankratov.
This further step into groundless awareness entails the greater unsettledness and intimacy that go along with undefended relatedness; even as it dawns on us there is nothing we need to defend ourself from, there being no self-entity at risk of insult or injury.
Lyman Johnson, Unsettledness in Delaware Corporate Law: Business
Supporters feared economic unsettledness and displacement, but judged that threat to come from below rather than from those who actually controlled and shaped the economy.
Johnson's first book, Fen, was a celebrated collection of short stories that evoked the unsettledness of the shifting marshlands of East Anglia: Everything Under continues that sense and explores femininity, family and identity.
Their albums and scrap-books became accordingly, and quite designedly, the vehicle for a contrasting investment in unsettledness and provisionality and for a media theory that insistently twinned cultural preservation with cultural risk.
The determinate/indeterminate distinction takes for granted that all properties are evaluable, then goes on to account for metaphysical unsettledness with indeterminism.
In Looking Jewish: Visual Culture and Modern Diaspora, Carol Zemel gathers a rich if curiously eclectic archive of modern and contemporary artists, photographers, installation artists, and figures of popular culture whose ways of seeing, of picturing the world as Jews was shaped by their psychological and geographic situation of living in diaspora: an historic Jewish experience of displacement and unsettledness that, nevertheless, has often been a spur to creativity.
My life is a voyage of unsettledness, with a deep itch to keep moving and improving upon the last place I landed.