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Repeated ANOVA test shows that administration of darapladib exhibits an unsignificant role to decrease the thickness of PVAT in Sprague-Dawley rats with hypercholesterol diet.
It should be mentioned that urticarial diseases show minor unsignificant clinical signs to systemic life-threatening condition, therefore if the underlying condition is not defined and a definitive diagnosis can not be warranted, mepyramine maleate should be the choice of medication, at least in an attempt to manage the clinical signs.
For pre-test the results are unsignificant p>0,05.(table no 5) At post-test the result is significant for t--test (N-2) 2.32, p<0,025 (table no 5) and Coefficient of application rate of body is smoller than values of pre-test.(12.15% for experimental group and 8.66% is smoller for control group.) For both groups are significant progress from pre-test to post-test (table no 4) p<0.005, t-test =3.87 for experimental group and t-test 3.83 for control group.
Further a larger part of the control group consisted of freestyle specialists and the seemingly (but unsignificant) homogenously younger control group will traditionally be more susceptible to exercise.
Values equal or closer to 0 show faint or unsignificant association between variables.
For each method, the first column corresponds to the full specification of the equation of human capital accumulation; the second column gives a parsimonious specification in which unsignificant or weakly significant variables such as [I.sub.90] and [R.sub.90] are excluded.
In accordance with the small, unsignificant antiosteoporotic effect exerted by the ER[beta]-specific Vitex agnus castus extracts, no significant effects were observed on bone activity markers in the serum such as osteocalcin and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase.
The unsignificant correlations indicated that there was no systematic selection to different combinations of interventions (Table 2).
In many parts of Southeast Asia stagnation or, at best, some unsignificant growth seems to have been the normal situation.